About me

My name is Emanuele, I am an italian dude 🙂 and i work as a freelance Graphic, Motion and Web Designer, illustrator and musician/producer.
I come from a family of artists so i have been surrounded by art since my birth.
I have many years of experience in the field , and i had the opportunity to perfect myself in the U.S.A. in 2015 (University of the Arts of Philadelphia, Web Design Certificate).
I also graduated in modern guitar, been playing in bands for years and teaching guitar. I’ve also published several albums.

The passion for “Digital Arts” started as soon as I bought my first computer. Since then, this passion continued to grow and expand.
Thanks to my curiosity and attitude am able to cover lot of needings for my customers: from web design to graphic and motion design, illustrations (both traditional and digital) and also music production.
For in deep informations just check my Linkedin profile.

Got curious? Cool! Write me and ask me questions 🙂